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24 Single Digits


 Ages 9 & up 96 Double-sided, 4'' x 4'' cards. 1 Dot, 2 Dot & 3 Dot.

Three levels of challenge. Cards offer three levels of difficulty. Easy, 1 Dot cards are easy, 2 Dot cards are medium and 3 Dot cards are tough.

How to play. Object of the game is to make 24. You can add, subtract, multiply and divide. Use all four numbers on a card, but use each number only once. There is at least one solution to every card.

List Price: $21.95
Price: $13.99

Bible Sequence


 Ages 6 and Up  2 - 4 Players
Inspiring stories within the Bible. Now children and adults can learn about the Old and New Testament as they play this fun game of SEQUENCE. Pictures representing Bible stories are displayed on each card and the gameboard. The cards also include a story title and scripture reference. Players match the picture on a card to the same picture on the board, then place their chip there. Five chips in a row wins the game! It’s a fun, challenging game  - BIBLE SEQUENCE.

List Price: $24.99
Price: $13.00



Ages 8 & up 2- 4 players
Which color of chocolate will you choose?  Play tiles and match the chocolate trying to make the largest area.  Watch out for the other player because they can play a card on top of yours changing the area that may help them win the game.  Happy Halloween!

List Price: $19.99
Price: $8.50



 Ages 8 and Up 2-3 players
Take turns placing your color ball in the cube.  The first player to make a square or diamond of 4 is the winner.  Balls continue to move within the cube with every turn- make sure you look at all angles!
List Price: $24.95
Price: $13.00

Even Steven's Odd


 Ages 7 to Adult  2 - 4 Players
Ready, Set, Turn the card over and roll!  See if you can be the first to match your dice to the pattern or challenge on the card.  Kids love the excitement of rolling the dice and being the first to grab the Steven.
List Price: $19.99
Price: $12.00

Find Your Way Gnome


Ages 8 and Up
Connect gnomes and homes of matching colors using vertical and horizontal lines.  Create an incorrect pathway and you’ll have to retrace your steps, because none of the paths can intersect! 1 or more players.

New for 2012

List Price: $17.95
Price: $10.00

Fold- A Decathalon of Mind- Bending Folding Puzzles


 Ages 8 & Up
Origami times 10.  These easy-to-travel with puzzles each have different challenges to fold.  Yes - the answer key is included- will you need it?
List Price: $12.95
Price: $7.50



 1-2 Players This multi-award winning game challenges the player to use spatial perception and observation skills to fit oddly shaped colored blocks into a predetermined space. Start out with a small space in which to fit three blocks and increase the level of difficulty by adding more blocks and increasing the space.

List Price: $34.99
Price: $24.99

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