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Alpha Pops


 Ages 2 +
Alpha Pops  These double sided popsicles include all 26 letters.  Match the Uppercase and Lowercase together.  Great for fine motor skills and color recognition.
List Price: $18.99
Price: $16.99

Beamsplitter Expansion Pack for Khet


Ages 10 and Up
Have you mastered the game of Khet? These mirrors add another dimenson of difficulty.  The beam passes through and splits so the second beam goes 90 degrees in another direciton.  it will force you to rethink and refine your strategy.  2 Pieces included in the set.  Silver and red.
Price: $11.95

Blueper Blue Monster


 This cute monster has a moveable mouth, hands and two handed puppet
List Price: $37.99
Price: $25.99

Bunny Peek a Boo


 Ages 2 and Up
Peek a boo little bunny.  Kids have fun arranging this bunny with the bright wooden pieces.  Children will learn spacial development as well as logical thinking at such a young age!  Kids will use it to solve puzzles or create their own.
List Price: $24.99
Price: $20.99



Ages 8 & up 2- 4 players
Which color of chocolate will you choose?  Play tiles and match the chocolate trying to make the largest area.  Watch out for the other player because they can play a card on top of yours changing the area that may help them win the game.  Happy Halloween!

Price: $19.99

Fold- A Decathalon of Mind- Bending Folding Puzzles


 Ages 8 & Up
Origami times 10.  These easy-to-travel with puzzles each have different challenges to fold.  Yes - the answer key is included- will you need it?
Price: $12.99

Lexigo Twisty Word Game


 Ages 10 & Up; 2 - 4 Players

This twisty word game has you spelling words backward, forwards and even sideways.  Be careful on the last tile you play because that is the first letter of your next word.

New to Odyssey 2013

Price: $16.99

Pass the Peas


 Ages 9 and Up
Players literally pass the peas, building words on top of each others.  Reminds me of scrabble with a twist.

Price: $17.99

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