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Bible Sequence


 Ages 6 and Up  2 - 4 Players
Inspiring stories within the Bible. Now children and adults can learn about the Old and New Testament as they play this fun game of SEQUENCE. Pictures representing Bible stories are displayed on each card and the gameboard. The cards also include a story title and scripture reference. Players match the picture on a card to the same picture on the board, then place their chip there. Five chips in a row wins the game! It’s a fun, challenging game  - BIBLE SEQUENCE.

Price: $24.99



Ages: 13 to adult   3- 8 players
This award-winning game is a great group game. Silently bid on the card (noun) that best describes the descriptive word (adjective). After everyone has their votes in flip them over and majority wins. If you loved apples to apples you will love the different twist of this great game.
Price: $24.99

Lexigo Twisty Word Game


 Ages 10 & Up; 2 - 4 Players

This twisty word game has you spelling words backward, forwards and even sideways.  Be careful on the last tile you play because that is the first letter of your next word.

New to Odyssey 2013

Price: $16.99

My Word!


 Ages 7 & Up; 2 - 6 Players
Spell the word and collect the cards. Fast paced word game that makes you search your brain bank.  The words must be 3 letters or more and spelled correctly!

Price: $9.99

Pathwords Jr.


 Ages 6 and Up  1 Player
Word searches and tetrus find Pathword Jr.  A fun way for children to learn vocabulary and sound out graphic pictures while looking for the solution of the puzzle.  These unique pieces are bright and make the words stand out when found.

Price: $19.99



Ages: 8 and up 1 - 8 players
The challenge is to arrange all of the cards in your hand into words. High Score wins, so try to use those high point letters - but don't get caught with them uncombined. There are 8 rounds of play, beginning with 3 cards in your hand and progressing to 10.
Price: $13.99

Rhyme Out


 Ages 10 to Adult  3 or more players
It’s rhyme time with a triple twist. Listen to three consecutive clues and be the first to respond with three correct answers—that rhyme—to collect a card. Collect ten cards to win this tricky, triple-rhyming word race game. With two levels of play, 600 questions, and game-changing “Steal” Cards, Rhyme Out is a super-duper, throw-you-for-alooper fun family game!
Price: $12.99

Rory Store Cubes- Action


 Ages 6 and Up  Multiple players
If you loved Story Cubes - Action will be a hit in your house.  Roll into action! Rory’s Story Cubes Actions features 9 cubes that illustrate 54 every day verbs. Play with them solo or combine them with other sets of Rory’s Story Cubes to kick-start your creativity and set your stories in motion!

New for 2012

Price: $7.99

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